How to best use your photographs on your Business Cards

So you are remembered, by your prospects, long after your first meeting.

“I have my photo on my business card because I’m in a relationship building business and I want to be memorable.”

(Forbes article)

You’ve all been there before, you get back to your office after a networking session, with a bunch of cards. Now who’s who again? Oh, the dilemma! What’s easier to remember, someone’s logo, company name or photo?
A professional photo, on your business card, is the 

best way to stand out from everyone else, promote you and your brand and allow the recipient to remember you long after the networking event. After all, networking is about establishing relationships and then continuing the conversation afterward.

“People do business with those they know, like and trust. If they can remember you, that’s the first step.”

(Forbes article)

Here are our top tips that will make the Headshot on your Business Card memorable:

1. Make the photo BIG, a Head and Shoulders cropped photo is preferred to a 1/2 cropped photo. Avoid 3/4 or Full-length photos unless you need to show your body, like a Personal Trainer, Actor or Model.

2. Minimise accessories, only use those that you typically wear in front of your Target Market.

3. Do not include props unless they are very relevant and clearly obvious as to what they are and why they are there. The Headshot on my Business Card includes a camera and since I’m promoting myself as a photographer it makes sense.

4. Dress as you do in front of your Target Market, not to impress, but to be your authentic self. Wear the right clothes that match your brand. If you’re not sure what your brand is, then, hire an Image Consultant.

5. Your expression needs to be your true self and, for most Entrepreneurs, show you as professional, friendly and approachable.

6. Show your personality, x10. An image doesn’t move, so your energy must continue to flow and effect the viewer for every moment they are looking at it.

7. Do not include other people just yourself, no spouse, no kids or pets.

8. Your photo must be positioned so that you are ‘facing’ into the card where you have your information, as this draws the viewer’s eye to it and not away from it.

9. You’re after a professional Headshot not a glamour shot, remember what you’re selling here! It should be taken by a professional photographer specialising in branding, because they will design your photo to match your brand and business goals and off course know exactly how to make you look awesome!

10. Do not present your business card with an outdated photo, this will reflect on your brand and set the wrong perception in people’s mind about you, it must match your current look and style.

11. It’s a good idea to match the type of photo on your Business Card with your Social Media profile photo so they are visually aligned.

12. Make the photo on your Business Card big enough to be clearly seen and have an impact, not a little thumbnail or postage stamp size in the corner. This is your opportunity to make a statement and stand out!

13. If you’re using a standard sized card (90mm x 55mm) place your photo on the front of the card with minimal information like your name and title plus the problem you solve, the results you offer or your tagline. All your contact details can go on the back, if the recipient is interested in what they see, on the front of the card and want to get in contact with you, they’ll turn the card over. If you’re not using a standard sized card like myself (square and opening like a book) then place it on the inside so it’s a reveal to your recipient, like a pleasant surprise.

In summary:

The photo on your Business Card needs to be designed to be On-Brand so you stand out from everyone else, portray you as a professional in your industry and be memorable long after you’ve handed it to another person.

And here are some examples of Business Cards from our clients and myself.

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