55 ways to build your influential Personal Brand with photos


See how Google plays a major factor in determining your credibility and reputation, the speed at which your visual content is processed and the impact your Personal Brand plus how using photos increases audience’s engagement.


Unlock the 5 BRANDING CHANNELS where you can use your Headshots, Branding Portraits and Event Photos to promote yourself, and your business plus the level of control you have in each one.


Discover over 50 different places to use your Headshots, Branding Portraits and Event Photos creatively and practically to boost your profile within each



Use the PHOTO UPGRADE DECISION MATRIX to determine when it’s time to replace your Headshots and Branding Portraits. Plus, we include an
ACTION PLAN so you can get started on promoting yourself.

Each TUESDAY morning at 9am we’ll email you an awesome Branding Tip that expands on one of the places in the checklist with the key HOW-TOs and presents real-life examples so you can see how you can build your influential Personal Brand Image using your Headshots and Branding Portraits.

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