Custom made Personal Brands,

done for you, quick smart! 

Are you frustrated that your competitors are getting more qualified leads and making more sales?


Do you feel like you’re wasting your time trying to work out how to build a reputable brand?


Are you unsure whom to trust to build your personal brand and deliver professional results stress free?


Welcome to your …. 

Custom made Personal Branding solution that’s done for you and gives you instant credibility as an expert authority!

This is why we created the IKONIC Brand In-a-Box™. Finally, you have experts in personal branding with a complete solution to professionally build your expert authority personal brand with a program that works for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors and Entrepreneurs. Our team are all experts in their field of expertise, deliver world class results and work cohesively so you get a custom made personal brand that works from day one and positions you as an expert authority.

The result … Custom made Personal Brands, done for you, quick smart

High-level view of Brand in-a-box


Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide

We create the critical first step in building your expert authority brand and that’s your Personal Brand Blueprint. Without it you’re essentially flying blind. We also include your style guide with your fonts and colours.


Branding Photography

We guide you through your photo shoot in our studio and create your Branding Portraits. They are prepared in multiple formats, colors and sizes usable across all your promotions quickly and easily. 


Digital Branding Assets

Your online assets are: Social Media timeline covers, profile photos, email signature and digital business card and are professionally designed and tailored to your brand. 


Printed Branding Assets

We print your Pull-Up Banner, Business cards and your tailored Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide so you make an immediate impact.


Presentation and Brand Setup

We meet at the Waterman Business Centre (Chadstone) and present you with all the branding assets (digital and printed), we step you through your Personal Brand Blueprint and Style Guide and setup your timeline covers and profile photos on all your online accounts.

Here’s what you receive … yes all of this!

Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide

Branding Photography and all photos professionally retouched

Digital and Printed Branding Assets

Brand in-a-box is designed for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors and Entrepreneurs

Meet your branding experts

Kosta Iatrou – Brandographer
Founder of IKON Images

Kosta has over 14 years experience as a professional photographer running IKON Images and has been working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Authors from various industries, company sizes and locations around Australia. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Kosta and his team will create the best possible Headshots and Branding Portraits that you’ll actually love (most people find this hard to believe) and be on-brand with your business. Plus, we have a well defined and proven system to make it happen every time and for everyone.

Simao Lagoa – Branding Graphic Designer
Founder of SL Design

A Brand Designer with over 20 years’ worth of experience working with clients around the world, Simão Lagoá is the founder of SLDesign. His creative ability to think outside the box and his passion for all things design has seen Simão working alongside global brands to develop their branding and unique footprint. Simão’s flair for design that converts is in demand across the world, particularly within the ever-growing Fitness industry. His portfolio consists of brand design work for a number of coaches and speakers, athletes, fitness centres, as well as nutrition and clothing brands.


Some of our clients

Breakdown of each deliverable

Let’s deep dive into each section of the BRAND in-a-box package and explain what you get.

Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide

Personal Brand Blueprint

Our six-step process will unpack, clarify and refine your personal brand. We cover in detail via a 2hr zoom call:

1. YOU: What is your why and what is your superpower?
2. PROBLEM: What specific problems do you solve?
3. SOLUTION: What solutions do you have to solve these problems and what’s your ascension transaction model.
4. TARGET MARKET: Clearly define whom do you solve them for.
5. COMMUNICATION: Determine the communication channels you need to connect with your audience.
6. PRESENTATION: Be clear on how you present yourself online and offline?

There are over 40 questions to analyse your brand so it’s a full and through process.

Style Guide

Next, we create your Style Guide and develop the right fonts, colours and provide guidance for the use of your photos.

Fonts: Title (H1, H2 and H3) and body
Colours: Primary and secondary colours
Colour palette: Primary and secondary) with all the right complementary colours for all promotions.
Photo usage Matrix: Where and when to use all your photos across all your promotions online and offline.

This is a reference you’ll use weekly so you receive it printed as a book.

Branding Photography

You’ll enjoy your photo shoot (yes, everyone does) in our studio where we create 5 ikonic Branding Portraits as we show you how to pose to portray your personality, how to get the right expression and how to own your ‘look’. We also guide you on the most suitable clothing options that matches your personality and brand before the photo shoot so you are confident and ready. And at your photo shoot, we complete the image styling so you look on-brand.

We review the photos as we progress so you see exactly what we’re creating and you select your favourites so we can get them professionally retouched and ready for you. 

Photo formats

Print: Best used for magazines, newspapers and books. Photos are set to 300dpi, CMYK profile, PSD files.
HiRes: Best used for A, B and C. Photos are set to 300dpi Adobe RGB profile, JPEG files.
Web: Best used for A, B and C. Photos are set to 150dpi sRGB profile, JPG files.
Profile: Square and Circle Best used for magazines, newspapers and books. Photos are set to 300dpi CMYK profile, JPG files.
Cropped: We remove the background leaving it transparent so you can place your own background images or colours. Photos are set to 300dpi Adobe RGB profile, PNG files.

Colour variations

Colour: Full colour with natural skin tones so you look energised and vibrant.
Black & White: The classic look is very useful for a less vibrant yet still impactful and elegant.
IKON Signature: Our most popular one of them all, it’s a combination of colour and B&W with a modern edgy feel.

Digital Branding Assets

Social Media Timeline Covers

In today’s highly digitally connected business world that’s overly critical and quick to judge your brand must look professional, highly visible and consistent across all your marketing channels. Plus, being active and engaging on Social Media is not a nice to do, it’s a must-do daily activity. So your timeline covers and profile photos will serve to build your brand 24/7 365 days a year.

The most critical platforms for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors and Entrepreneurs are Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and our timeline covers are optimised for each platform and all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). We create your timeline covers for your Facebook personal profile, Facebook business page, LinkedIn personal page and your YouTube channel.

Digital Business Card

Business cards come printed, right?. Well, you get them as well plus you get our custom made Digital Business card as well. Instead of texting a prospect or college your mobile number text them your Digital Business card instead. “Oh wow, look at that!” is what you’ll hear. Being remarkable comes from doing all the little things right, that’s why we don’t overlook a thing.

Email Signature 

Your email signature is also prepared so that through the numerous emails you send your personal brand continues to promote itself.


Printed Branding Assets

Pull-Up Banner

Although our world seems to live online we are human and humans work on creating relationships offline as well as online. so when you’re presenting, exhibiting, speaking, running a workshop or seminar, your Pull-Up Banner is a must-have tool to promote your brand throughout your presentation.

Business Cards

So too your Business Cards are a must when networking and meeting new people. Every touchpoint must send the same message and there are multiple touchpoints that you must have in play as you are not entirely sure which ones your prospects will see more than others.

Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide

And lastly, but definitely as critical as all your other branding assets, your Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide is printed with hardback covers (front and back) as you’ll use this reference book on a weekly basis as you build your personal brand. Plus, you also get it as a PDF so you can share it with your marketing specialists.


Presentation And Brand Setup

And so we come to the final step in the BRAND in-a-box package where I present your branding portraits, branding assets (digital and printed), review your Personal Brand Blueprint & Style Guide step-by-step and to upload all your Social Media timeline covers and profile photos.

We meet at the luxurious Waterman Business Centre, in Chadstone, so all your digital branding assets are put into action to instantly start building your personal brand.

If you priced each and every item in the Brand in-a-box package and then tried to find individual branding experts, plus manage all the components and suppliers, it would total over $4,500.


But, with our package you save over $1,000.


Secure your Brand in-a-box package today and let us position you as an expert authority so you outmaneuver your competitors, attract more leads and increase your sales, quick-smart.

All this, for only $3,495 (inc. GST)

Looking for a payment plan?

OK, let’s do this with a payment plan. The price is the same, we simply split it over three months making it three payments of $1,165.

The next step is to call us on 1300 794 194 to make the arrangement.

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