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Build Your Best Brand Ever!

Presented by Australia’s #1 BRANDOGRAPHER for Coaches and Consultants, KOSTA IATROU.
(BRANDOGRAPHER – Personal Branding Photographer and Strategist)

Director of IKON Images


1/2 Day Workshop

I’ll step you through our  Anonymous-2-Authority (TM) process and help you build your best brand ever! It’s our comprehensive FIVE step formula that I’ve created over several years of working with Solo Entrepreneurs, like coaches and consultants. They all want  to expand their market presence, be seen as an influencer plus build a credible and reputable brand that attracts the right clients so they can make a positive impact to their community and to society.

An AUTHORITY Brand is a must to elevate your standing in your industry, attract qualified leads and be seen as highly credible in your market to prospects, promoters and partners.

How will you benefit from the Workshop?


Understand why it’s imperative to have a clearly defined Personal Brand Image before you spend any time and money on marketing, facebook ads, creating  your website or rebranding yourself.


Learn how to unpack, clarify and refine your Personal Brand Image to position you as an influencer in your industry.


Learn how to create your Personal Brand Image using our unique 6-step process, the Brand Image DNA (TM) that will help you build your influential Personal Brand Image.


Participate in exercises that will help you better understand the process to start building your specific Personal Brand Image.


Ask specific questions about your business and how it relates to your own Personal Brand Image.

Who are the Workshops for?

For Entrepreneurs that are serious about building their business where they are seen as a leader, an influencer and an authority in their industry. For the ones that want to make their mark in the world, be the game-changer in their market and leave a legacy of value.

Are you a coach (life, business, leadership, executive, sales, marketing, etc), a health or healing practitioner, professional services consultant, an Author, a Speaker or a Business Owner of a micro, small or medium-sized business?

And have you clearly defined your Brand Image and have it documented in a way that all your creatives, ie. your photographer, videographer, web designer, graphic design and copywriter can immediately use to create their part of your marketing collateral? If not, you will greatly benefit from attending and participating in our 1/2 day BUILD YOUR BEST BRAND EVER Workshop.

Kosta’s presentation is engaging, energetic and fun. It got me to really look at my business and ask questions to further support and grow my business.

Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Sabina Victacca

Director, Meditate Now

Kosta has been presenting at our Brand Masterclasses now for the last few years.

He is always bringing in new and fresh value each time he presents.  His expertise on personal branding is unique and he truly has an ability to identify thought leaders and their secret power.  

Our Masterclass participants love learning from Kosta each and every single time.

Natasa Denman

Director, Ultimate 48Hr Author

Kosta was my guest presenter at my Hypnosis Business Success Meet Up. Kosta’s presentation was professional, engaging, captivating & memorable and definitely the most accommodating presenter we have ever had!

Helen Mitas

Director, Hypnofit

 WARNING: Space is limited

We limit each Workshop to 20 participants only so I can give you my personal attention. If this sounds good to you, go ahead and lock in your seat by clicking the button below. 

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Promote & grow

Learn where to use your photos to  position yourself as an influencer and authority in your market

A ‘must be there’ event for anyone struggling with understanding how creating a brand for authority works. Straight forward education, practical advice that is actionable, an extremely useful session that will help brands magnify their influence.

Simao Lagoa

Director, SL Design

Thanks Kosta for your expertise and knowledge in sharing what is an essential component in business in a modern world.

Fiona Kriaris

Health and Wellness Project Manager, YMCA Victoria

The workshop with Kosta was fantastic! I really learnt a lot about the importance of branding and the key elements to create this. Kosta provides you with fantastic tools and resources to take that next step forward.

Yalini Nirmalarajah

Hypnotherapist and Director, Elevate Mindset

What are the benefits of an IKONIC Brand?


Position yourself as an Influencer in your niche market and be the go-to person for your prospects and clients, media and partners.


Outmanoeuvre your competition so you stand apart from them and take on a higher status in your industry.


Attract the right clients that value your products and services.

Why am I running these Workshops? 

It all comes from my WHY. I see what I do as the combination of two elements, the deep desire to back the underdog, the rebel, the fighter, the ‘ROCKY’ in all Entrepreneurs and to bring high-end fashion photography to the look and presentation of Entrepreneurs. For without the Entrepreneur,  innovation, ingenuity and progress towards a better and brighter future, would not be possible.

With these Workshops we are helping Entrepreneurs learn how to create their own remarkable brand image that out-performs their competition, positions themselves as a top influencer in their market, attract the right clients, promoters and business partners and finally clarifies their Brand Image so there is no more confusion and bewilderment as to how to position themselves.

(Brand Image Strategist and Personal Branding Photographer)
Director of IKON IMAGES

Small group

Half-day Workshop from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Seats are strictly limited to 20 participants.

Branding process

Learn about our 5-step Anonymous-2-Authority (TM) to help create your IKONIC Brand-Image.

Only $67

Priced to suit Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Professional Practitioners and Business owners.

What’s it like attending the Workshops?

So what do our Workshop attendees think about the workshop? Of course, they loved it! A picture says a thousand words and we all know that we can’t fake being genuine. When you’ve spent half a day with a group of inspiring Entrepreneurs and they are all energized and excited about building their brand, that makes it all worthwhile.

Have a read at what some of our participants have said about the Workshop and also read the praises from two million dollar business owners from when Kosta spoke at their events.

Oh yes, and that’s me in the middle, with the pink shirt. If you don’t stand up and stand out for your brand, then who else is going to do it for you?

This was so enjoyable & informative. High energy & fun. I came away with more tips & areas I could focus on, from my website to tools to automate social media.

Joanne van Ravenswaaij

Director, Into The Zone

Very clear and helpful! Thank you for sharing all your valuable information with us.

Natalia Tobon

Director, MedicalBox

I have seen Kosta present twice & each time I’ve gained so much knowledge. Kosta is clearly the branding authority & image guru and also lovely to work with!

Elzabeth Gould

Director, Secret Success Thinking

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Get the Event Photography
info pack covering all the packages,
prices, deliverables, etc

Get answers

Schedule a call and get all your questions answered by our photographer

Promote & grow

Learn where to use your photos to  position yourself as an influencer and authority in your market

We support our fellow Entrepreneurs across the global, and so can you!

KIVA is an amazing organisation that provides funds to Entrepreneurs in developing nations in the form of micro-loans. These are not donations, they are small, long terms loans, that are used to increase the capacity of people’s business and to fund other necessities for their home and community.

We joined KIVA in March 2016 and gave $20 from each ticket sold from every MeetUp (Branding For Entrepreneurs) we ran. Since then, we’ve helped fund loans for many Entrepreneurs in developing nations across the world.

Our goal is to help 100 Entrepreneurs in every nation that KIVA is present in with $10,000 USD for their businesses. When we all help each other grow and prosper the whole planet benefits and so do all of its inhabitants. This might sound like a fluffy statement, but, we all know that it takes only one committed person to start a movement and many others to get behind it, for it to succeed.

These workshops will add to our goal. Twenty dollars from every ticket sold goes into our KIVA account to further increase the funds available to help our fellow Entrepreneurs across the planet with micro-loans that will better their lives, their families and their communities. 

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far …

  • Countries (55 out of 77) 71% 71%
  • Amount Lent (Goal $10k) 73.25% 73.25%
  • Entreprneurs Helped (68 out of 100) 88% 88%

What our clients are saying about Kosta Iatrou?

Make NOW the time when step out of the shadows and into the limelight. Position yourself as an AUTHORITY of your market and get the recognition you deserve!