Kosta Iatrou – Australia's #1 BRANDOGRAPHER (Branding Photography & Strategy)

We invite you to review the reasons why it’s a wise choice to get your Branding Photography, Staff Headshots and Event Photography by IKON Images. Get to know the great people on our team and download our FREE Personal Branding Accelerator Checklist. If you have any questions please call us on 1300 794 194 or contact us online.

7 Reasons Why

7 great reasons to partner with
IKON Images.

Meet the Team

Meet the diverse group of specialists that play a vital role in creating your Business Headshots and Branding Portraits.

Branding Checklist

Discover over 55 places to use your photos that will help build your Personal Brand so you can attract more clients.

7 Reasons Why

Why us? Why not some other company? This may have crossed your mind. If it has, great, because this way you’ll really get to find out why you’ve made the right choice to work with us.

1.    The Branding Portrait specialists
We create powerful Headshots & Branding Portraits for Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs so we stay focused and up to date in our industry with modern skills, equipment and techniques in doing what we love to do best and are truly passionate about. We know that everyone is different and we don’t all want the same things so that‘s why our indoor studio is set up with the latest studio flash equipment and we also have outdoor locations.


2.    Rave reviews from clients
Great testimonials from our clients for our Headshot & Branding Portraits.


3.    Photography by the photographer – Kosta Iatrou
A simple concept isn’t it? The person that designs your Professional Headshots and Branding Portraits Portrait photo shoot is the same person that photographs you as well. No salesperson, no students, and no amateurs. Your photographer is Kon Iatrou, a professional photographer with over 15 years behind the camera who is also accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).


4.    The professional experience
A photography session with IKON Images is not a rushed and unplanned photo shoot but a fun and enjoyable session. We carefully design your photo shoot so all you do is bring your clothes and have fun!

We design your photo shoot with you over the phone during your Design Consultation to ensure that it’s personalized and exactly what you want and need.

We conduct the photo shoot either at the studio (indoor or the outdoor studio) or your location (this depends on the product purchased). Our clients always have fun at the photo shoot. It’s the most important ingredient! Even if it’s your first time being professionally photographed by us we take away any nerves you may have because we spend the time to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you enjoy your experience.

We show you the photos as we progress through your photo shoot so that you part of the creative process, you can see exactly how we’re progressing and that makes the coaching part, for the poses and expression, so much easier for you plus by the end of each scene, we’ll pick the best image together. When we’re finished your photo shoot you’ll know exactly the Branding Portraits you’ll be receiving so there are no surprises.


5.    Responsive and attentive customer service
Your experience with us from the first phone call or e-mail to the delivery of your finished products is a satisfying and rewarding experience.


6.    Photography products to suit your business requirements
We provide your Professional Business Portraits as Print Ready, Web Ready and Hi-Res images – the FIVE formats you need your photos in to cover the ways you’ll be using them.

Images are prepared for printing purposes, eg. magazines, newspapers, books, flyers, business cards, etc

Images are prepared for online applications, eg. websites, social media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc), forums, YouTube, etc

Images are prepared for your presentations on MSPowerPoint and Keynote

Social Media
Your photos are cropped to suit the square cropping of all Social Media sites, including Google Plus and others that are a circle.

With your Branding Portraits, our Digital Retoucher will crop you out from the background. So you’ll be able to create banners and promotional graphics without the background, giving you maximum versatility.


7.    Professional and relaxed atmosphere with a friendly team attitude
Our clients tell us that they love the professional studio and prefer it so much more to a typical cold and empty warehouse set up or a part of someone’s house.

Meet the Team

In front of the camera there is you. Behind the camera there are our specialists in Photography, Make-up and Hair Styling, Image Consultancy, Digital Retouching and many more depending on the type of photo shoot. Everyone involved makes up the team, including you. And it’s all the members of the team working together that delivers great photos. So rest assured, we have the right people to work with you and create the right looks, every time.

In fact we guarantee that you’ll love your photos. This is why we have a 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee with all our Headshots and Branding Portraits.

Take a look at your team and see for yourself that you’re partnering with the right company to get right photos for you and your business.

Branding Checklist

I bet you’re thinking, so if I get some great photos of myself where will I use them other than the obvious, like my website and on Social Media? Plus, how do I use them? With or without graphics or text. What formats, portraits, landscape, etc? All great questions. So we’ve created a checklist that covers the 5 categories where you can use your photos to build your best brand ever.


We call them, the 5 Branding Channels (TM), and we’ve identified over 55 different ways to use your photos so you maximise the opportunities to amplify your Personal Brand, be seen as a key person of influence and attract more clients, promoters and partners.